Business site, e-mail and maintenance contract

Client Name: _____________________________
Business Name: _____________________________
Address: City: _____________________________
Postal Code: _____________________________

This agreement is between ________________________ and Kyle L. Scott of South Bay Webs. You(client) require the design, development and maintenance of a website. We got you covered. By signing this document you agree to work with us to build your website. We understand that you have already obtained the domain. https://___________________________.____________/ . If you do not have your domain yet, you may register it through . We recommend a domain short in character length. The agreed fee for design and development is $2500. The agreed fee for maintenance, e-mail and hosting is $198 / mo billed quarterly. A standard work rate of $100/hour applies for anything not listed in the deliverables or if the total work time exceeds 25 hours.



  • Design (Phase)
    • 1 page mock-up/idea in image format(PNG or JPEG)
  • Development (phase)
    • Code page design and implement it into WordPress.
    • E-mail client WordPress(role: contributor) login information.
    • 1 Contact form.
    • Mailpoet newsletter plugin - for 1000 subscribers, send up to 5000 monthly emails.
    • Basic website security - 2-factor authentication for all users, bruteforce protection and firewall.
  • Maintenance (phase)
    • CMS and CMS month-to-month plugin updates.
    • Server OS and month-to-month server software updates - Hosting • 50GB of storage space.
    • Daily Backups. - E-mail account(s)
    • 5 E-mail account(s) that are 30GB/each specified by you with POP3 and SMTP connection information.
    • 3 mandatory e-mail accounts
      • • 25MB maximum e-mail attachment size.


When are fees due?

  • Project development fees are due before any work begins.
  • Design fees are due before any work begins.
  • Monthly maintenance fees are due at the beginning of every quarter before the service has been provided.
  • Plugin fees are due at the end of 3rd Quarter every year.



You are responsible for the cost of any outside paid assets such as photography. However things like stock photo's and premium fonts will be charged to the client at an agreed upon fee. You must have the legal right to use any photographs, art or other potentially copyrighted materials you furnish.



Timeline Our estimated time required to complete your website is 21-30 days. We will commence the work after we have received a signed contract and a non-refundable deposit of 100%. Please also keep in mind that we rely on you and your team to provide us with the necessary assets (including but not limited to website text, photos, social media, products, pricing etc.), and approvals in order for us to work on your website, and to avoid impacting your website launch date.



Our price includes an allowance of (2) revisions, these revisions will not exceed 5/hours of work time and must be completed before the development phase. Our standard work rate applies for revisions made outside of the design phase.


Browser Functionality

Your website will work with the current versions of Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. We assume your computer is up to date, with no browser plugins, viruses and other factors that may make a website display improperly. Websites may not appear the same on every screen due to screen sizes and aspect ratios. If you encounter a display error, you may call us to solve the issue for our standard rate.



After your website launch you have 2 weeks to point out any errors that may occur before, during or after the build. Errors do not include revisions. After 14 days any errors or potential mistake that you find will be charged our standard working rate to fix.


Passwords & Security

South Bay Webs does not store clients passwords. If you require password assistence, then our standard rate will be billed.


Client Education

As a client it remains your job to stay educated for all matters. Examples are using a strong password, what wordpress and wordpress plugins are, what GB and MB mean, how website traffic can effect your website, and also how WordPress plugins and WordPress plugin updates can sometimes effect the functionality of your site. Google is a great resource.


Exclusive Design Credit

We're proud of our work and reserve the right to apply the text "Designed by South Bay Webs" on your website. Without our expressed consent, you agree that "Designed by South Bay Webs" will be visibly displayed on your site acknowledging design credit.


Who owns the files?

The ownership of designs & code created by South Bay Webs and its contractors belong to South Bay Webs and its contractors. Plugin code belongs to the plugin developer(s). If you wish to host and maintain your website on your own or wish to own exclusive rights, please get in a touch as rates apply and not all projects qualify. For e-mail rights, please see .



Our standard work rate applies for any site or e-mail transfers to another provider.



We have the right to terminate any client at anytime, just as you have the right to terminate us.


Maintenance, e-mail and hosting service

Your website will be hosted on servers with 50GB of freespace. If you need more than 50GB we have custom plans available. If you go over the limit a notification will be displayed on your CMS(wordpress) control panel. In-which case we will be in touch with you to discuss options. E-mail service is handled by . Additional e-mail accounts may be purchased for $12 per e-mail account per month. E-mail accounts include 30GB of storage per user.


South Bay Webs will do everything possible to make sure you are a happy customer, but we have no liability for sales, revenue, and /or the success of your website/business directly indirectly or consequentially. We also are not liable for downtime for any of the following reasons including but not limited to server upgrades, website transfers and migrations.



In the event that your website, server, network connection and/or database is lost and/or damaged in anyway due to natural disasters, website edits, plugin malfunctions, hackers and/or any other occurrence(s), then the website may have to be rebuilt from scratch or repaired at your expense for which our standard work rate and any incured fees apply. Cancellation a subscription isimmediate and service stop at the end of the billing cycle. If you decide to cancel and wish to retain your website, then you must purchase ownership of the following including but not limited to South Bay Webs designs, code and 3rd party plugin licenses. In some cases certain code & designs are non transferable. Once you attain ownership, our standard work rate applies to process the transfer.




Points of Contact:

South Bay Webs
3234 Sleater Kinney RD NE Olympia, WA 98506

Kyle Scott of South Bay Webs
Phone: +1(360) 870-1081

Siddharth Singh of South Bay Webs



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Signed On: October 26, 2022

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