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    Olympia web design & graphic design

    South Bay Webs provides Olympia with web and graphic design services.

    Olympia web design by Kyle Scott

    Years ago, Kyle’s love for design & development started to take shape. Kyle’s parents owned an offset print shop in Lacey, WA. Kyle grew up around workflows that matched the timeliness and processes of the web design industry. This provided Kyle with enough knowledge and experience to be able to start an Olympia web design agency.

    Olympia web design by Siddharth Singh

    Siddharth Singh is the founder of Sand IT Solution. He got his start in college and currently lives in India. Sidd is an ambitious webmaster who has completed hundreds of websites and projects such as small phone apps.

    Olympia web design

    South Bay Webs helps you realize your dream. Whether you are an existing business or start-up, we have solutions for all sizes. South Bay Webs provides Olympia web design. Our goal is to keep our customers happy. If you are not happy, we are not happy. We pride ourselves in the ability to dedicate attention to a variety of projects and workloads. From helping big corporate companies with minor tasks to helping you start your own business. We are here to help. Our main focus is making and managing WordPress websites, though we do offer full branding services including business card design & logo design.

    We provide Olympia web design via WordPress

    When it comes to WordPress websites, we build all of our designs in-house and from scratch in Industry standard programs like Adobe XD, Visual Code, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Dreamweaver. You can expect a turn around time of 3-6 weeks when tasking South Bay Webs with creating and managing a new website for your company. Which typically includes 40 or more hours of labor, 20 of which are spent designing and 20 of which are spent on coding. We find the ratio is typically even when building a custom website from scratch.

    More than just an Olympia web design WordPress Agency

    Our services do not stop there, with every website we offer website management which includes keeping your site’s plugins up to date and taking daily backups. If your website plugins are not up to date, many problems can arise. When you come to us, we want to assure you, you’ll receive what’s necessary for your project’s needs.

    What qualifies us?

    Our first paid gig was a WordPress website which offered customers quotes to buy their cars. Though, not an Olympia web design gig, this company was based out of Fife, WA. The site was built in WordPress from scratch in 2014. Also, we have made money on the side with hobby sites such as a diablo fansite, a couple of flash games websites and an events websites. One interesting project was an events website called RaveSquare(circa 2009). RaveSquare was a social network for college kids to find and post local events. The site was built and based on the open source engine ELGG. RaveSquare was soon retired as the amount of work that went into it was greater than reward. One reason we moved to building sites in WordPress was WordPress eases the process of building custom dynamic websites.

    Diversified capabilities

    WordPress also has network extensions like BuddyPress and a forum extension called BB Press. As you can see, we have lots of experience on the web. Our first website dates back to 2001 on the platform tripod. Which was a website where amateur webmasters could build their websites for free. Though we have come a long way from where we started, we do not plan on stopping our conquest to take over the web 1 pixel at a time. Equally important, we also offer Olympia with graphic design, if you’d rather take over the world 300 dots per square inch at a time.

    Olympia graphic design

    We love helping new businesses by providing them with graphic design. Our deliverables include but not limited to logos, flyers, posters and business cards. When we put our name and your name in our work, we give it our best. Some prime projects include Templeton Development, Mountain Coast Brewery and Genesis Music Culture & Bar. Also, we have worked with real estate firms and larger start-ups to pitch loan packages to potential investors. Some loan packages we’ve created include packages for golf courses, airports, theme parks, storage centers and even some in the agriculture industry.


    All in all, South Bay Webs has been around the block and has the experience to provide Olympia with web & graphic design. It all started with drawing ideas and coding as a kid. and then, having those ideas come to realization. Soon it was realized that this work could be done for pay. We provide you with the team needed to accelerate your project happiness and success. When you work with us, you work with a company who has your back. We do this through our years of industry experience. We have big plans in the future and maybe one day will be programming on a tropical island. Not really, though you can always dream, right? We look forward to hearing from you, and are excited to work on your project.

    Thanks and have an awesome day,
    Kyle & Sidd

    Olympia Web Page Design

    We have built 1000s of websites! We didn’t want to overwhelm you with our entire portfolio, so here are just some pieces below.
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